Sorry !!!

Sorry Dad !
For not being sorry
Sorry Dad !
For made you to worry
And why
You left in hurry
Though I didn’t tell u
But every moment
I was sorry
Didn’t mean I was happier
Didn’t mean I was so clear
Didn’t mean I always stayed near
All I had was fear
All I had was tear
Though I was your dear
I cry in isolation
I grief of devastation
Oh dad
Please do hear
Its more than Sorry
Its more than worry
Its unexplainable
How much
I love you

40 thoughts on “Sorry !!!

  1. Yeah…. Dats ryt…

    I can feel exactly … How it feels.. Not having dadda at home..
    I can feel dat grief n misery. I ve gone thru d same sorrow

    Don’t lose hope coz dad won’t like it… His son being weak n miserable

    B strong. God bless u 🙂

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  2. Wow, i really like the creativeness you put up in every article in your blog! A mentor in terms of creativity i should set a target as and surpass! Really Good!

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  3. Yeah!

    this poem was for my Dad. Though I loved him millions n he also did infinite. There r many things which I never got to say:!

    It feels bad wen u never told him u loved him most. Even the tyms the conditions were not fair!

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  4. Consider yourself blessed to have a dad worthy of your love. There are many, me included who never had/have this gift.

    I am honored you are following justkeepingitREAL. It warms my heart to know you will be visiting me.

    Have a great day!

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  5. Thank you so much Rita!

    I m sorry abt that!

    Yeah! My dad is the best dad in the whole planet!
    He is with me!
    I can feel

    Whenever I close my eyes!
    He is here somewhere!

    Lots of love

    hmm yah! I will b visiting u!

    alwz! u tochd my heart!


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