Prompt by http://thesecretkeeper.net/2016/03/11/practicing-jihad-27/


Using words : worth, spark, plot, quake, spy

Blackening is worth

For diamonds to spy on full nights

Letting the lubbs-dubbs quake

Until the spark whitens you wholly

Leaving you plotted again!

45 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Welcome. Your poem/tanka is so free. Your use of language is unique. I like your rhyming words the ‘Lubb-Dubb’. I am not familiar with term but it sounds very Alice In Wonderland. Hope you decide to do this again. – kiley

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  2. I like both those concepts. Very important to remember about the new day and also essential to remember about race and people may be different races but we are all part of the world. It is important to accept our difference and to try to live peacefully, side by side.

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