At present days

        p                                          t

    a                    J                 e                      f

        i               o              a                  e

    n              y                    r                a

            s           s           s              r

       Love  is a hot bowl of poison

    o       Either you consume  it     o

   v      or  it consumes  you. Its    n

     e     the Destruction    ! ! !     e

            m        a            k        e

   Still everyone loves someone!!

88 thoughts on “At present days

  1. No wonder, you realized how much we spoke? and I guess people like to read that, wich by the way it hurts me 😦 since Ithink they will actually not go to my blog for my writing, but just to read my crazy comments… 😉

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  2. To me she was, actually she was a burnett and quite sexy, she just basically laugh at the whole situation. And I was there to go to battle, but no, it came out good.
    what ar you wearing?

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  3. you know you don´t want me to go to sleep, look what I´m watching and I did do that shiat, obviously not with the americans, quite nice video plus the music does sound true to me apart from other things

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