Life’s Spiral

                                                If I were  doomed in loneliness,

Again!   How would I describe all my isolations,    I would

innocent                                            abandonees         Kill the

myself    Life  is nothing but a     All the pain       loneliness

prove     say            struggle          I’ve been             with a

And       them          And                through.             Sword

court    heard     everyone     I m pretty sure       with a

to the    I have       must             My lord!                  knife

to go    Because    struggle!!      Has that               with a

have    through  goes  being human  pain             cutter

Might                                                                                  And

 court to  me drags definitely  Loneliness . Murderer a be

67 thoughts on “Life’s Spiral

  1. Yeah – like a Big Tiger has eaten a swimparty and found his supper and his breakfast at a Beverley Hills address where they make a movie and decide to call it….”The End of the World for Feline Days are Numbered!” (The day the cats disappear is the day we all start to die)

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  2. Very interesting – it’s hard to which thread to follow. Or are they different eddies in a whirlpool, since it is named “Life’s Spiral”? The overall effect is great.

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  3. Thank you so muchh trent :p

    yeah! Its a spiral. if u r watching on a big screen. its easier :p

    I ve been reading ur posts and smileys as well :p Thanks for stopping by dear.

    have a nyc day ; ))


  4. Once again you have come up with an interesting – I correct: intriguing – concept which, as it were, puts the finger in the already salted wound. Or is it rather the words, independently of the concept, of the structure? Regardless, the sore, salted flesh makes the sufferer hungry, hungrier for that which cuts them so deeply, right to the bone. Sometimes someone’s finger in one’s open wounds feels better than to suffer less but alone. Do wearing and bearing one’s pain go hand in hand, though?

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  5. Thank you so much Ich bin das Wort ist ich for stopping by.( is this ur name?; I never asked u :p though I ve been talking to u since first post ;d )

    Wat I would say Is –

    pain is pain
    pain pains lot
    No matter how deep
    Cut is cut!

    I agree with u sayin dat
    sore salted flesh makes the sufferer hungrier n cuts deeper.

    Once u r in the habit of isolations and griefs; Truth is u never come out of it.
    I dont mean all rest people r having easy lives! I don’t kno; may b depends on perceptions n strengths of an individual.



  6. I thought, you had signed your name Anita in an earlier comment of yours, but I am truly sorry for being mistaken.
    Jyotee – I will not forget it now 🙂

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