I am


  away  by

 the flow of your love.

 A noiseless, silent flow!

 Not by your love at least!

 But by your flow, that over flows!

  And makes the entire surrounding wet silently!

                               Inside the walls, inside the beats

                                                    And inside me wholly!

                                        This doesn’t burns me down!

                                          But burns my little innocent,

                             A  limited hearts that limits for you!

                     Who are you who make me feel this way!

 Though I don’t believe in any kinds of love, affections

  And the super human kinds of feelings.

  Honestly I don’t love you, I don’t want you!

  I just am confused what is that.

  That drags me into your world,

  That makes me follow your footsteps and admire you

   Like your beautiful, crazy words that sound like an Alien’s

                                                            Tell me how do I understand!

                                                                          Why do I  understand!

                                                               And why not to understand!

                                                                  I wish photographs spoke!

                                                 And I would speak with you silently

                                                                               With no words at all.

                        Could your eyes understand my heart’s rhyming!

                                     And I would make noises with the rhymes!

 You are unaware and so is me!

You are an stranger and so is me!

 You are silent and so is me!

 Though Silences have secrets!

 And we don’t regret!

 This makes us unique!!!


81 thoughts on “Silences!

  1. It’s amazing how you come with such such new and innovative poems so frequently….
    Wanna learn from you…
    Since how long have you been writing this blog?
    Give me some tips on how to increase the viewership of my blog?
    And can you share your experience on how you have earned this level of admiration and viewership for your post?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much friend ( idk ur name though)

    I m new to blogging world(around 1 month)

    I wont cal them poem actually! they are my feelings)
    I ve met mny peopl here at wordpres who are truly poets! n professionals once too.

    I jus write down watever burns me down. I got this tip from a vry vry admirable man of WP)

    I do exactly n my imaginations imagine this way n becomes something n somethin. which I think is a piece of crap ;p

    so! keep writing watever makes u crazy n I m sure something coms out ;p

    Thank you so muchh for taking time to read.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ok so you are Miss. Jyotee the extremely talented isolated_girl from Nepal.
    I believe that pain is indeed the fuel that burns inside us and brings out our hidden talents and takes the form of creativity that is unique.
    (As that’s what brought me to writing)

    So keep up your good work and keep on spreading light and inspiring people like me coz the way in which you express your pain has driven many of us insane…
    Like a rainbow after rain,
    So is the beauty of your pain.

    Liked by 1 person

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