Not to
decide is
one decision.
Decide to decide
is another decision.
Blowing wind never
decides its directions!
have you heard ever that
flowing river decides not to flow!

People are bounded wherever lie!
Bonds don’t decide decisions!
Its all about time and time
Even the time doesn’t
decide its timings
Then who are
you and me
to decide
what to

March 27-2016-4:22pm

97 thoughts on “Decidability

  1. I like the wave concept – or perhaps it is a rising tide?

    There are some grammatical sticking points though, if I may point them out:
    Line five should read either, ‘To decide to decide’, or ‘Deciding to decide’. (to-infinitve or gerund)
    Line seven should read, ‘A blowing wind’. (indefinite article)
    Line nine should read, ‘Have you ever heard that’. (word order)
    Line ten should read, ‘A flowing river’. (indefinite article)

    I am not quite sure what line eleven is supposed to mean, but I suppose it should read, ‘People are bound wherever they lie’. (bind – bound – bound)
    Line twelve should read, ‘Bonds don’t make decisions’. (make a decision)
    Line thirteen should read, ‘It’s all about time and time’. (apostrophe)
    Line fourteen should read, ‘Even time doesn’t’. (no article)
    Line seventeen should read, ‘You and I’. (nominative)

    But then again, who am I to decide this? 😀

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  2. yeah!


    Thank you so muchh ich bin wort ist ich

    as usual! Thankyou for catching my errors!

    I admit! I m not so good with words ;p

    plus I become blind; deaf; lame; n handicapd! while I write suddnly!

    Hope the intension n emotions remain same!

    thanks a dozen! I will take care of this ;p

    Good evenin ahead!

    thank you so muchhhh!

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  3. You are very welcome. If I can be of any help, I shall do it gladly. 🙂
    Besides, I do think you are good with words, the way you combine them to expressions is excellent; grammatical errors are a different topic altogether. I just thought it would help your reputation with potential new readers.

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  4. Thank you so muchh!

    yeah! Better n bettr everyday! ;p

    Actually I cut some words to maintain the wave!

    bcoz wat I alwz think is; poems are output of emotions n it is an art definitely.

    Though I m jus a sibling! ;p

    Have to learn so muchhhhh;p


  5. Thanks for signing up to follow my blog and diet, exercise and living longer. I hope you find it useful. I like the way you use words and set them out. Very poetic!

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  6. Hey!!
    Loved this !
    When we actually give it a thought, it is at times better to go with the flow than be adamant with our decisions.
    Very well written and expressed.
    Thank you so much for the follow!
    Very glad to have met you too and I would be more than just happy to hear from you on my blog too!

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