I am torn.

          I am cut.

              I am ripped.

Deeply from my roots.

                         Never to

                             Be lived


I flow down. I blow down!

                                   Down and


                                  Struggle for

                                    The existence

That existed someday into someone’s


                                          Zombies are coming!

                                                                 The carbon,

                                                                Methane CFCs

            Those beasts! Though the struggle continues.

                                                                      Alas! That cold

                                                                               Wall, Ouch!

                                                                         Itchy dry woods!

                               Rippers dragged me hither and thither!

                                                                              yet struggling!

                                                                            struggling to be dead

                                                                              struggling to be un-dead

                                                                                        Until and unless

                                                                                       Struggle starts


                                                     Oh lord! Who decides my fate! Is it me????





80 thoughts on “Darwinism

  1. Thank you so much dear!

    I kno Its not good 😦

    I saw a piece of paper falling down from 5th floor n tried to illustrate wat wud a piece of paper think! if it had a mind; a body:p

    Thank you for stopping by Jonathan!

    gr8 day ahead

    ; ))

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  2. I don’t think I have ever seen your name listed on your site. Plus your imagery is interesting. Do you do it in the editor breaking the it into the 3 sections and allow it to flow that way or some other way?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. : ))

    Truth is I write only wen I m terrible n unable to handle myself.

    And abt the flows; I m unaware of it always. I keep writin n it becomes something n something. even I cnt understan at dat point.

    I don’t kno wat to say : ))

    Ur name starts with P. No?

    I kno! It does : ))

    stay blessed!

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  4. Really excellent. fate is time, time is an ocean. See what swims in time, the swirls they make. What fates? A swirl, and the way it spins us. Can you feel the gravity of its curve, The heaviness of its contemplations? Of course we can.

    I do not contemplate the angle of the turn, but the storm body of dual being as two. Swirls, bubbles— when you see this, well…. how beautiful are such things, regardless of their fates.. we only contain for a time what is. Sorry for the long comment, kinda flowed after reading your nice post. thanks -J

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  5. : ))

    Thank you so much dear for such wonderful words.
    Yeah! Tym is most powerful thing, I believe that.
    And fate! I m not sure!
    No fate in fates anymore. Yeah. The existence-exists n applies universally for all breathful n breath-less things!

    Thankyou for encouraging me n giving a HOPE

    ; ))

    Stay Loved


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  6. Actually I wanted to comment on the post, ‘Happy Birthday Dada’ but there was no comment option so I am doing it here . This post is beautiful too but the previous post just connected to my heart.

    By Dada you mean your brother, right?

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  7. Pls go to control pannel.
    then recovery
    and choose ur restore point!

    u will be restore to the previous or desired time.

    let me kno if this works. thankyou for stopping by


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