Feel The Neil






                                         While eyes of mine

                                  Gazing and staring deep

                              Into the homes of galaxies

                          Into the never-ending universe

                       Into the black-hole that engulfs

                        meteors and meteorites shower like rain

                    Could The sun be redder and more hotter

                 the Aliens stare onto the way as we pass by

                   Dear stars! My dear moon! Dear galaxies there!

         Is it ditto as the glances we capture here

                               My psyche is already landing, where nothing exist!

                    No one exists!  Except the existences!

                                          Existence of gases! storms of high speeds!

                                         dusts and thunders!! Hopefully!

                                                           My dear Earth! Stay safe! Stay alive

                                                       Until the day I’ ám back

                                                                             And lay onto your lap again

                                                                                          Feeling lived again!

                                                                                                immense love

                                                                                                     In the heart



100 thoughts on “Feel The Neil

  1. : ))

    No need to google!

    Early mornin i read abt first persona to many fields….

    and this poem is about….

    How Neil Armstrom mite have spent the last nyt at his home…before actually goin to the space! To moon.
    i imagined wat he mite hv thought…

    Dats y date is 14th

    Otherwise its 16th….

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  2. Sick (in a good way), berserk, off the hook. It’s easy to skip one of your posts, my eyes running down the page, where’s the post. But it’s worth looking for it. Jazzy, distinct. Like a meteor fam shower. Thanks.

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  3. I have hit a lot of bad stuff recently and it keeps getting worse. I am speaking here instead of the other site. I have the award post in my queue and will do it either when I wake up from ODing from sleep meds or early tomorrow. By the way, I have too high of a tolerance to OD and injure myself. Just this crap with my sister got worse and I am not waiting 7 more hours to knock off.:)


  4. Ohhh dear!

    Od means overdose? Omg!
    Don’t do dat!

    Everything will b fine. Tym will change. Don’t worry!

    Hmm yah! Curious abt ur answers! :p

    Stay fine dear : )


  5. Which answers? I have been out of it for a few days now. I have an award on my other site from you and am confused about what answers? Things are going from bad to worse. I am behind in bills, having money and other things taken or thrown out has not helped. Having chronic pain does not help, riding a bike and having issues finding work. My sister was going to illegally evict me, which I would fight and she would have to take time off work. so, I guess bc of that she is leaving it alone and planning to move ASAP and have me deal with the landlord. The electricity was in my sister’s name and I an a good 600 behind in bills and would need a good2-3k for a car and another 1000-1500 for a room and I have nothing coming in. Now if my sister moves out and the electricity is cut I do not know what will happen. But she said she is not dealing with me and I am toxic and she has severe mental issues and needs loads of therapy.

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  6. I meant award ;p same. Okk leave it!

    U hv got so many problems to deal with.
    Human life is full of problems though.

    Yeah! She needs that therapy. Any normal man won’t do this way otherwise!

    Stay strong

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  7. She actually called me toxic when I talk calm to her and she screams. Loses things, blames me at all hours and then oops you did not look here and not even an apology plus she re directs and is a bully. I have a call in to a show but I will get your award post in on my other site. I am so shot I thought the award post was on this one and it was in my spam folder to boot. Unless she starts writing down everyone’s url that leaves a comment it wouldn’t matter if I spoke to anyone on one of their posts. She and her bf are the have no life types that like solving things, which is noble and all but she could ask instead if being nasty.

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  8. How weird is this! Interfering to other’s life this way.
    They have no ryt to do this!
    Its more like a torture than pain

    People r crazy. Don’t kno! Y they don’t keep peace even in family. I m so shocked n worried for u.

    Hard tym; u r going thru is! And bcoz of sis! Alas! She shud b loving u millions 😦

    And also her bf OMG!

    It is better to live alone in peace once u get thru all those things and find a job (at least not like the current-14;000 words n loads + less payment)

    Okk! C u tomorrow then!

    Ours is morning!
    There must b nyt :p

    Gudnyt to u dear


  9. She is also a bad assumer and all she says is right. Goes through my hamper and says I stole a towel. I had the receipt for it and said I shop at bed bath and beyond too. She has gone through my things. I had an accident so bad I still have yet to recover and she is a royal pain and my being on any medication must mean I am drunk. I am treated like some evil person and was called toxic earlier. Her and her bf are and I am always nice, monotone and she screams over the smallest things.


  10. Wow. i read yesterday they find a black hole 17 billion times bigger than sun. I cant imagine that size. Am right. There are millions of things that which cannot be in our perception. You are very good. Yes i love Astrophysics. I think it really help me to believe in god. thank you dear. Your mind bigger than a Black Hole.

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  11. Thank you so much Binu

    Yeah! Human imaginations have no limit
    Dey are bigger than black hole
    Larger than universe
    Deeper than the galaxies
    N numerous like stars!

    Gday dear
    Stay fine


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  12. Actually No

    It could b the shape of
    half moon
    some part of galaxy
    May b of an asteroid
    or part of Mars somwhere
    who knows!

    Aw! Thank you for feeling like a ship also
    This is a different perspective

    Thank you so muchh for stoppin by!

    have a gr8 day ahead : )

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