The psyche fails to rhyme your heart

Heart then fails to combine physique

      Giving rise to

      the collision

Being similar to CSMA/CD apart that

You don’t guarantee for your heart

      to beat for               to rhyme for

     yourselves               yourselves

Because Truth is! you stand alone in crowds

  Its your life

 your problems!

Success counts less , lesser than the values

Everyday you are showing to the world

     who you are             No one needs to

    what you are            advocate for you

Let it flow, flow from the eternity

Till the time-slots don’t fade away

         Until it generates

         an EOT and claims!

Not to have lived. Not to have loved.

So love! There you go! This is your LIFE

        Make your         Make your

       own world          own space

And you don’t need to stare to other’s star

Make your own Sun, Make your own Moon

           Your own


Before any LORD in-corp-orates You!

             And archives!


67 thoughts on “ALOHA

  1. : )

    Thank you so much Daisy!

    you r a great poet and a writer! U make everyone smile! thru ur posts!

    u r amazing n so r ur posts!


    Hope shoppings r goin well ;p

    (smile) (smile) (smile)


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  2. I have only been offered one award. I declined. I don’t remember what the questions were, I don’t think I objected to them, at least not a ton, although I’m sure I wasn’t enthusiastic about answering them. But the concept of an award where you have to nominate ten other bloggers is irritating and really out of character with what we call awards in every area except blog user generated ones. Presumptuous even. And a bit like a chain letter, which we all know are BS. It occurred to me as I write this that I could create my own award, with the bullcrap cut out. Few and sensible (or perhaps way offbeat and interesting!) and non-invasive questions. No need to nominate anyone else. And other bloggers (or small crews of bloggers) could create other awards, also without the stereotypical wordpress award features… Although I am not sure I would be able to squeeze in (or willing to invest) the time for the nominations, negotiations, and/or voting for an award by committee. Lovely poem. Do I detect a resonance with the piece I published just a bit before this, or is that synchronicity? Although Buddhism has many interesting aspects, I have never been able to swallow the one of the Four Noble Truths that says “All existence is suffering” or similar, like your blog’s slogan, ‘Life is all about PAIN’. Bosh, I say. There are many marvelous, magical, fascinating, and entrancingly unique bits to life. La!

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  3. Judging by the timestamps on these comments, this was not, in fact, published right after my piece, as I thought in above comment. I wonder why it appeared like that in Reader?

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  4. Hello there Lost-In-Mist (wow!)

    I respect and agree on ur views of awards and nominations!

    Yeah! I’ve seen in WP , many of them rejecting award due to lack of tym ; interest ; etc

    But one thing I like to add here is-
    WP is also a bit similar to social site (in some ways;) bcoz u got to meet many people here… Like u! : )

    Some of them bcom ur admirers; wp friends and even the stars, who encourage ur writings and all.
    So, this is the reason I don’t see any bad thing regarding awards and all stuffs (Declaring award-free zone doesn’t make us great; neither participating does!)

    Sometimes its all abt love , care n wishes from ur loved ones! (In the form of nominations)
    Until we have time. There’s no bad participating.

    Also I loved ur idea of creating award! This will encourage many poets n poem lovers!
    I just visited ur site n blog ;p

    They are quite interesting (attraction and desire in scientific terms!)

    I m also happy abt u beliein in Buddishm norms ;p


    : ))

    Thankyou so much for stopping by!

    Hav a gr8 day ahead

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  5. I am glad to hear that post wasn’t too tangled, or otherwise too personal to be interesting. And I am ?honored and delighted that you think I have succeeded at putting attraction and desire in scientific terms. No doubt most people have their own theories of what love is, or depending on their histories, may get by adequately on some pop culture, traditional, or religious mythological shorthand for what it is. I have read by a wise person that love is work that must be done and maintained, not something that just happens by magic and stays that way… and I think the concept of a ‘true love’ that still lurks in the recesses of many peoples’ lives from disney, hollywood, books ancient and modern, and various real peoples’ claims to have found ‘the one’ or their ‘soul mate’ must be one of the (admittedly many?) factors that aggravates neurosis, obsessive thought patterns, and mildly to severely delusional thinking with varying persistence… As well as perhaps passing up may people the Believer could have been quite happy with learned from, yadda yadda etc.

    Yes, I’m glad you like the idea of creating a new award geometry-and-logic space opening it up in the mind for any blogger who wishes to throw their opinion out there. It could mark a big change if a lot of people did.

    I didn’t really mean to suggest getting rid of all the chain awards. Just adding more of a new type without that feature, which might take a bit less time for the awardee to complete, and which might actually carry a smidgen more weight (depending on the perceived quality, audience size, frequency it is given out, a bit more of selection criteria, etc.) than those that require the recipient to nominate ten in order to ‘win’ it, placing a sort of unfair demand on someone to participate in the continuous dilution of the meaning of the awards they have been ‘given’ (participated in an exchange of prestige for ?unwilling labor and to have a little badge that is not entirely fake) . And who has time to really take the task seriously of nominating ten people under a criterion with a bit of substance, or even real adherence to a a quite simple criterion, as the nominator understands and perceives it. How much of the nominees sample, how far back in time, should be considered for example. I am sure some do, but I am not on reader everyday really assessing which of the blogs I follow might be most worthy of any award. So, ergo, because I do not want to participate in this system of dilution of the meaning of recognition, and attaching excessive extraneous conditions to the awarding of recognition, any award I may be be nominated for, I am unlikely to ever be able and willing to receive. Think that’s enough.

    I have actually read and enjoyed some of your posts before, also…

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  6. Listen!

    First post the pic of award
    Second post the rules
    Third post my questions to u with answers
    Fourth Nominate any blogs u like by posting their web address es of wp or names!
    Post 11 new questions to them
    And finally inform them!

    Do this step by step as a new post!

    Gday dear


  7. Morning I_G – how are you today? I have just had the wonderful news that my third paper is to be published – three papers = PhD with no thesis. Hoorah – I’m off to stare at the mountain. B x

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  8. You never cease to amaze me, Jyotee! Your poetry, and particularly your unique style, is stunning! Well done, very well done… All the best to you and keep smiling! 🙂


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  9. Dear,

    Abt love…I also believe that love is more abt care, responsibilities, respect n understandings!
    Otherwise it sure breaks one day! If there’s only magic n both wait for the supernatural things to happen!

    To me…its all TIME

    I have never been lucky enough to decide abt life or love. It has been changing to me….every now n then n which is completely beyond my control. So I call it TIME

    I m glad abt ur award plans! Its unique n hope holds more value!

    Thank you for stopping by to read n talk.
    U’ve been blogging so long. N ur poems r really different. I got to read one in morning.
    Will read more

    Having less time,these days due to college stuffs.

    Gday ahead

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  10. Wow!

    Congratulations Bruce!

    I m fyn . how abt u?

    Gr8 news! Very soon u will b writing Dr.Bruce

    : ))

    U deserve this! U ve done so much research n gained perfection in ur field

    Good nyt

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  11. Seriously? Poetry on networking? OR something like that? I am currently studying ALOHA and CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA. This made it even easier to understand. LOL 😀

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  12. Thank you so much Romance for your kind words!

    Actually that one was networking of hardware’s and software stuffs!

    And this one is about the philosophy of life.
    Though I tried my best to keep the mechanism untouched!


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  13. You are gonna be the most amazing concrete poet, seriously you are! Besides you are a good networking expert (I must say, coz no one dares to compose poem on CDMA/CA). I am gonna show this poem the next day on my class, and se how will lecturer and friends react 😀

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  14. oh friend if u havent already done i think u might read the beat generation pomes i see in yr pomes a fresh air as their crazy pomeir ciao ~

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