Psyche’s Spiral

      Letting your heart suffer the grieves was an option.Letting

                                                                                                             it to

galaxies Its exists no-where inside or outside! Don’t you  Heal

In the                                                                                  compare  Feel

clouds    Love! Try searching for it inside yourself!   with    And

In the     Dear  smile! Feel  being  alive!       Inside      the      Deal

Planet     My     your    LIFE!!!        They           your       span    Was

In the    slots!  Feel     was   love    said           heart ,    of     another,

Exist       the    you  Unless!beats your Inside.soul     time   which

It doesn’t  inside deep it  capture to  fails  time the Even  usually

thing.                                                                                             Is beyond

Magical That For  High  Fly  Don’t !Love Dear My.though options

60 thoughts on “Psyche’s Spiral

  1. if u r saying that ; u couldn’t read that

    please read in big screen
    And start from the first letting to the last letter love!

    follow the spiral

    Thank you so muchh Dhiraj for ur sweet words

    Also I nominated u for the Liebster award
    do check my previous post

    I think ping-backs r not working!

    gr8 evenin

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  2. Thought as much. Will have to read on system.
    Wow! Nominated for an award so soon, thanks a lot. Will check in a bit.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So creative I loved the uniqueness of alignment of words. It was both creative and thoughtful, really loved this 🙂 Great Work!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anytime, I really love your work, its very unique, and I love how you make it more unique not just by your thoughts, but also by the art of formatting the poem 🙂

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  5. i know poets dont like very much people criticize their ” babies ” but i have to tell you friend … i dont see the spiral … i mean the visual a so called snake walkin pome … i likposhape of a chorus as the words … of course im talikn abt my puter screen maybe others see it … me dont … hugs hugs hugs , ciao~

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  6. this is my new creation then!


    yah! it looks more like a spiral in square!
    n not like a snakes!

    But style is same yet!

    I wonder y?
    poems r called babies of poet!

    not a friend
    not a soulmate
    not a love

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  7. oke oke friend i dunno see a spiral here.
    i tried with the big puter and…
    i dunno see what in my mind is a spiral.

    maybe im too much a mathematician one.
    oke oke i believe …
    wait wait now i see … i believe it’s a spiral …
    ok ok …

    ciao amica mia ~

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