95 thoughts on “Pain

  1. I agree with yur point. But in my case, I can’t be thankful immediately but may be in course of tym.. Like when i am able to learn something out of it and make me a better person. Until then sadly over gladly. πŸ™‚

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  2. I know that feeling. I’m emotionally like that. It takes me a while to get over things. I’m in that awkward stage of feeling loneliness and pain of losing a multitude of people in my life at a strong level yet again. I’ve sort of disconnected from everyone and have just been trying to reach out through the Internet.

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  3. I’m ambiguous about that. I want to be alone, yes and no. It’s more like I have a weird boundary line of how much time I want to spend with others. Everyone thinks I can just CONTROL WHEN I HAVE HAD ENOUGH SOCIAL INTERACTION. That isn’t the case with me. I have a time limit, and that’s that. And sometimes, I want to spend time with a different group of people. It keeps my mind fresh and keeps us from getting on each other’s nerves… and not to mention keeps the relationship fresh by actually discovering something outside of ourselves… if that makes any sense.

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