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Weekly Writing Prompt #32: SPACE VISIONS

Weekly Writing Prompt #32
Week 15th April 2016

5 Words: | SPACE | FRIEND | EVENT | MOVE | AIM |

TANKA: (5 – 7 – 5 – 7 – 7) 

Gazing unto the space

Wondering the ultimate aims

Ultimate events

Ultimate destinations

Moved My friend to the black-holes!

39 thoughts on “Black-holes

  1. Pleasure Jyotee 🙂
    My net is too awful so haven’t been able to check that award blog. The speed will be up from tomorrow, will check and post accordingly.

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  2. i stare into space as the stars and space sparkling particles swoosh by, it carries my mind to altered states. fascinating approach. the black holes have been assumed to take us folding space like in DUNE it might surprise all if there is not many duplicate or a variety of universe on the other sides. metaphorically speaking, a black hole can be a place of darkness &it maybe a place of cleansing by fire. – kiley

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  3. so very true Kiley!

    I always wonder , wenever people stare at the space or stars or those glittery objects above; they appear to b so deep. don’t kno y! but this makes us think deeply . like y its moving! y they r shining! and somtyms we try to relate to our lives!
    And like they say black-hole is unlimited space that engulfs evwrythn that passes by!
    In the same manner, lifes reason and the reason for existence has no limit. no matter how long we think and think!

    Thankyou so very much kiley!


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  4. move my friend in my black hole….of heart.u know dt all world is as like black hole.plz if u donn’t mind;u should from worldly black hole;
    coz i r still now youngest n sole.

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