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Thank you so much my dear friend Sahana @Jazzlily (  ) for nominating my blog for The Real Neat Blog Award.

Thank you for motivating me always and supporting my work. You are so kind and sweet : )

Thankyou so much!

Now, the rules:

1. Put the award logo on your blog.

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)


Questions and Answers time : )

  1. If you could have one magical power, which one will it be?

-> I wish i had some kind of power or kind of gadget, that could abolish the pains, miseries, sorrows and griefs from the entire planet and the universe!

  1. If you owned a time machine and go to any one place and witness an incident, which one will it be?

-> I would love to see the entire process of evolution of the earth, universe and mankind with my own eyes!

  1. Why did you start blogging? What is the history of your blog?

-> I started blogging because I loved poetry and wanted to explore more! (And this was the time, actually a hard time… I was going through)

Though I was not aware I would be meeting so amazing and extra-ordinary poets and artists here.

I am so gratified and happy about this!


  1. Maths or History?😛

-> Well, I don’t want to blame Maths for being MATHS because I recently appeared the exams and during the time,i realized, when you self study and the more you practice , Maths also becomes like addiction! More like poetry! ( This is my latest experience!) Cheers!

I completely love History!

  1. What was the most happiest thing which happened to you?

-> Thing!

well! I am blessed with a sweet loving caring elder brother and Mom! I am so glad! : )

Because there are many people in the world who are homeless : (


  1. What was the most saddest thing which happened to you?

-> Losses,griefs and isolations!…since….. past few years! ( I dont know! if i should be writing it here)

  1. What id the most adventurous moment in your life?

-> Climbing a huge hill with my parents few years back! That was really adventurous and fun! (smiling)

  1. Your most favorite celebrity?

->Celebrity! wellll…Adrian Pradhan is the most versatile artist from Nepal, I admire!


And my nominees are

Church Wheels

(With a hope that you all got pinged-back!)



My Questions to you guys are-

1.Who are you and where do you belong to?

2.What do you write and why? beside writing?

3.What is the utlimate aim of your life?

5.Who is the source of motivation in your life.Explain

6.Do you believe in supernatural things like lord/love anything! why?/Why not?

Your suggestions to my writings and me! : )



Keep smilin! stay loved and blessed!

With lots of love and Wishes




64 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Congratulations on your award Isolated_girl, it could not have gone to a nicer and more deserving person. Thank you too for nominating me xxx. I will have to ponder your deep questions before coming back to you (it may take a while!)

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  2. 1) I’m shivkumar, From India
    2) I write about Love and pain because I believe love is pain and pain is love
    3) To be successful in love and life.
    5)Apj Abdul kalam – because
    learning gives creativity,
    Creativity leads to thinking,
    Thinking provides Knowledge,
    Knowledge makes you great.

    His thoughts and simplicity
    6) I believe in love because it is the way of being happy an sad.
    And also God because he always have time to listen what ever I say but people are just curious and reply with rude or kind

    Thank you for nomination!!

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  3. congratulations my dear!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ love your answer in number 1: 'gadget, that could abolish the pains, miseries, sorrows and griefs from the entire planet and the universe!'
    The world needs that gadget!

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  4. I think you came up with some really great questions for the people tagged! I love knowing more about people and why they write. And congratulations on the award! I love these types of posts, but I’ve never been nominated for one – I’m a very little blog still!

    It’s lovely to see blogs like yours remembering some smaller blogs out there (I looked at some of the blogs you chose). Such a generous person xx

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  5. Thank you so much my dear friend
    how sweet and kind of you!

    not a small blog! I just visited and that’s wonderful!
    I read few of ur posts!

    I will surely nominate u very soon! bcoz u deserve to b!


    and keep writing : )

    Wishes from Nepal


  6. beautiful answers!

    Thank you for ur participation dear friend.

    There is also an another way to participate.
    (if only u r curious)


    And I don’t beliv in supernatural things.

    yes! also APJ is a living legend n source of inspiration for all.

    pain is omnipresent
    no wonder!


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  7. # Keeping pain inside leaving fake smile on face is the way to lead happy life.
    So keeping smile and happy always!
    Thank you and your right pain is omnipresent!!!

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  8. Losses, grief is part of life.. Give yourself chances, as many as you can to get out of there! Don
    t give in.. Keep on living 🙂 Face it all… Sooner or later, your problems will have to go. And just like sunshine breaks in from the parting clouds, life’s happiness will break in and warm you up, till then put on your jackets, start a fire and stay warm and believe. 🙂

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  9. Thank you so much Hema : )

    for stopping by n being so kind sweet and supportive!

    life”s like dat, I guess!
    sometimes rain
    othertimes pain
    less gain

    anyway! love ur kind heart n optimism!


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  10. Life is all that
    and much more
    Life is fun
    Life is adventure
    Adventures bring us life
    life brings us adventures
    Life is pretty long yet seems short
    But we are lucky to be alive
    Gotta celebrate that. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day and weekend 🙂
    Take care.

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  11. May b u r ryt Hema!

    Hoping for good. Hoping that ecerything goes good. Actually! I m at the worst stage of my life , I guess!

    Yeah! I will remember ur words
    n thanks for the optimistic vibes : )



  12. I have been through some pretty great shit too dear.. and I promise you, keep your head up, cry when you need to, be vulnerable but know your strengths and keep smiling 🙂 Keep looking for the good things in life. 🙂 Life WILL change 🙂

    Hugz & love.

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  13. wow!

    Thats the wonderful aim!

    Well! Truth is…

    doing is hard always!

    cheers and goodluck!

    I read ur outstanding lyrics!
    Glad to have found out ur blog!

    Wishes n sunshine

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  14. I wish you get that power to end all miseries on this planet and make this place a happier one. Please leave me a message if you find such a power, or, may be, I will assume that you have the power, once I see this place more happy. In any case, I shall continue the individual pursuit, like we all should, till one of us has the power to transform all humanity. :).

    I like your answers, the frankness and their innocence. Cheers.

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  15. smiling!

    Thank you so much Sandeep!

    haha! for sure!
    once I gain that gadget or power! u’ll come to know! (after since we r connected in WP)

    : )


    have a lovely day ahead!

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  16. Thanks for your wishes (Please tell me your name). I will be waiting for that day and that message from you on WP! :).

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