The Green Planet!

Earth is the planet
                            we share
           Humanity is the bond
                                                  we care!


               I know it is rare!
                       Living and loving others
                                                   In our prayers!


                                             Still we care!
                                                          We dare!
                                 Only Because!


                                  Earth is the only planet
                                                                    we share
                                                   Humanity is the bond!!!!
                                                                              And we care!!!

April 25th,2015 ( Baisakh 12, 2072) 11:55 AM Saturday!

This was the date and time when Nepal was hit by the 7.8 Magnitude Earthuake with its centre point in Gorkha!

This totally destroyed the capital Kathmandu and other villages including Gorkha, Lamjung, Nuwakot, Chitwan, Sindhupalchok and many more.

At that time, tremors (aftershocks) were felt 50-60 times per-day!

The death toll updated then was 7,843.
And 14,268 were injured during the time!

Leaving thousands of people homeless!
leaving no blesses n bless!

I was also one of the victim! I was in Kathmandu, when the earthquake hit. We spent more than a week in an open place ( a park nearby! and the camps!)

Kathmandu completely stopped for more than a month.
The lives of people paused!
Each moment was filled with terror and griefs!
Every-one spent their each second praying “not to die”


Later in news, I heard many places like Gorkha; Lamjung; sindhupalchowk; Nuwakot, were completely destroyed! No one survived in Gorkha! The whole villages were destroyed!

We ( in ktm ) were lucky enough to have safe-parks, open areas, good sanitations and food! But there were many areas out of the valley and villages who suffered very very badly.

When I read this article today (By Lynnie, tagged as Nepal)!

I remembered those nightmares!

Yeah! All the countries and people from all over the world supported us!

We also united ourselves and motivated each other during those dark hours and months! Me n my colleagues raised funds and went to villages to serve! , where I saw many foreigners too serving

Steve and Natalie are one of those beautiful souls who have been constantly supporting the needy people and helping in the reconstruction works!

Thank you so much for being so wonderful people!
so much supportive;
Beautiful- hearted people!
Trying to make,
The Earth a beautiful place to live in!
By sharing the single bond of the humanity!

Thank-you so Much!

Please…Read the complete article here!


lots of love


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91 thoughts on “The Green Planet!

  1. So sad but nature is thus. All die. But some share love warmth before that. Few like me can only talk, but some do, do good. Thanks for the reminder.

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  2. It was devastating when it happened. I still remember the faces of my friends who had been affected. I hope everything returns to normal soon. May God help those who were affected and still are.

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  3. Thank you so much thanisamanyan!

    Yea! u r so ryt!

    Everything ends one day!
    Everyone has to die!

    Deaths aftet births & destruction aftet construction are natures inevitable rules!

    Have a sweet day!

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  4. Yeah, there are so many good souls helping around selflessly. That’s what held us together and saved us from being apart into pieces. #respect to Steve and all the people who had been so grateful in the time of crisis and pain.
    धेरै धेरै धन्यावाद !!

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  5. So very true Pawan : )

    यस्तै बेला prove हुन्छ ,
    मान्छे जतिसुकै isolated and unsocial भएता पनि ,

    is a social being and जिउनकाे निम्ति community चाहिन्छ नै ।

    I feel happy wen I see अझै पनि there are so good people around the world.

    I admire them.
    खुशी लाग्छ !
    : )


    : )

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  6. Beautifully illustrustated plea to save this planet and I visited once in Pokhra & Kathmandu before this calamity,I wanted to come back to this place again that was all surrounded with untouched natural beauty.That incident was a horrible for everyone over the world.Well! Our prayers are with all those who got affected in that tragedy.May god help & take care to everyone & I hope things will back to normal sooner there.It is a wonderful post I came across.Take care👍

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  7. Very true and beautiful poem with very wise words to follow! Thank you for sharing these wonderful, poignant, gracious thoughts, Jyotee! All the best to you w/blessings (and to all of the people of your country.)

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  8. There is nothing to say, Jyotee. When Nature punishes us maybe she has a reason. But when people are generous with other people this is Humanity. And this doesn’t need a reason.
    Beautiful poem, dear friend 🙂
    Be well!

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  9. smiling!

    I love the first posts of new bloggers!

    I remember the day wen I first joined WP n got 2 likes in 10 minutes n from very renowned poets!


    Happy Blogging
    keep posting!

    : )


    Thanks for reading!

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  10. yeah! U r ryt Monica!

    It must have something to do with Nature’s balance!

    Yah! it feel so good finding people being helpful and generous!

    feel the beauty of the Earth n humankind!

    Thanks dear


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  11. Thank you so much Prashant!

    wow! u visited! : )

    hope u enjoyed!
    I ve also visited many places in India n they were lovely!

    Thanks for supporting my work my friend!

    Lots of thank you for the wishes to keep Earth:; safe n peaceful !

    good evening ahead

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  12. I thought you are from India but I hope you and your family are recovered with the things now and yes,I have enjoyed a lot and its a very beautiful country similar to India in every aspect food,culture and they speak Hindi also.I hope you also enjoyed the visit in India and you are always here.Your work is always seemed beautiful and this post is brilliant in many ways.Keep writing and smiling 😊👍

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  13. it must have been terrifying being there! I certainly hope and pray I never witness so much destruction though wont mind enjoying earthquake, volcanic eruption in a deserted island without any animals/birds/people

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  14. All my hopes and good wishes are with you, Jyotee. I hope everyone is safe and being sheltered by now, especially the children. Your heart’s light is shinning through on this post 🙂 You know, Philippines is rich in natural resources but also prone to natural calamities. Every year we deal with storms and there are also active volcanoes, nevertheless, I love the Earth:)

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  15. Hey!

    Thanks for stopping by Diwata!

    Its always good to hear from you! Hope ur trip was wonderful !

    hmm yah! Its pretty good now though re-construction works are still goin onnnn…

    No one can struggle beyond nature’s will n wish : p
    Lets hope for the best!

    Love to you and lalaland!
    keep smiling

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  16. Thank you so much Prashant!
    u r always so kind!

    yeah! I live in one corner of the Earth!

    That was like a nightmare and yeah! everything is goin good!

    The construction n re-construction works are goin on!

    No one can do anything abt Nature’s cruelty!

    Have a lovely day!

    : )

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  17. Oh yes, I remember this on the news. I have a few friends in Nepal. I can’t imagine what that was like for all Nepalese at that time. Like when the big earthquake hit Haiti also. That was very big news too. Our also the big tsunami in Bali.

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  18. You’re very welcome…! 😀
    Er… I cannot call you “Isolated Girl”… it’s too unnerving…
    So, I’ll settle with “pal”! 😉

    You’re very welcome, pal! 😀

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  19. Oooh! All right, Jyotee! Your name is so nice… Gives a good feeling!
    Have a nice day… *turns around to look out the window* nice evening, really! 😀
    Ananya 😉

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  20. It’s really all One that we can love through how we’ve learned to be loving. It’s the best choice, that’s what I’ve chosen in my life. Thank you for your reaching out in love with your expression.

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  21. thank you friend.

    I really appreciate ur kind heart n beautiful words.

    afterall we all share the same green planet.

    we have no where else to go.
    sky is one roof
    earth is one ground to all

    keep smilin


  22. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it,
    you are a great author. I will make certain to bookmark your
    blog and definitely will come back someday. I want to encourage yourself to continue your great writing,
    have a nice day!

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