But Didn’t fly!

 She                                                                                          high!!!

   falls                                                                                high

       down                                                                    high

            down                                                          sky

                 down!                                             stares

    She stops here! Right here!               She breaths deep!

Ponders about her existence!    Nor the hydrogen-balloons!

      About her past tense!                        Neither the wings!

        Present tense!                                          No ladder!

        Future Tense!                                        She has none!

And gets tensed!                                           She is alone!

And decides not to crave for any tenses or get tensed!

                                                                                                                 #”!!!”  ends!

39 thoughts on “But Didn’t fly!

  1. first I wrote down in a note book, I got the sequence all wrong then I saw your hint, its a very very hard work .😃
    तर एकदम राम्रो !

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  2. Hey! Jyoti..Pleasure to see you with words again & hope you are doing great.Beautiful poem and now I know how to get the exact sequence also..I like your style of expression though I believe we learn to fly high after falling so many times so never let down on try and so i suggest to fly there is never be end until try ends.Have a great week ahead with smiles 🙂

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  3. This worked really well, two different poems in one! Very creative and great writing, as always 🙂 – Michelle

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