I stopped by!

I stopped by!

I stopped by!

I stopped by!

I stopped by!





43 thoughts on “Fadings!

  1. First, I thought you tell us goodbye for good. And I was sad. Because I already lost some good friends from WordPress. They’ve closed their blogs and gone forever. But then I realized that is just a poem. An interesting poem. Be well, Jyotee ❤

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  2. Hatts of to the creative mind..superb thought process my friend! I love this amazing style of writing came across very first time.👌👌🙏


  3. Haha

    Sure sure!

    She waited

    See! Tym’s powerful again!
    She faded her memories
    One by one
    One by one

    No colors finally were left.

    ..she grew stronger

    To keep going on.
    To let go
    Of memories

    Or relate it to lyf!

    : )…

    Wat do u say?


  4. Smiling!

    Hey Monica.
    Good to see u around’!

    Nah nah ! I m not going anywhere any day.
    I will be here alwz.

    I love being here : )

    Thanks for ur love! : )

    Keep smiling: )
    Stay fine


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  5. My pleasure!!…This makes an artist different from others and you’ve portrait your imagination beautifully,always see something new in your posts.Stay blessed & smile 🙂

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  6. ofcourse yes I guess.

    bcoz I alwz write wat I feel.

    U kno! I never re-write n edit!

    I also got suggestions to edit n make them beautiful.
    well…I will b trying this someday!

    : )


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