Taste of Living : )

Life tasted me many times

                                           At the time,

                                                         before the time

                                                                      after the time..

                                                                 life threw compliments

                                                some being better

                                     many being bitter

                                                      I never confronted!

                                                                       Yes! Yes! Yes!

                                                                                      This is me!

                                                                                             An innocent me!

                                                                                      Poor me!

                                                           But done is done!

                                           Now its my time!

                               To taste the life

            some being bitter

most being better!

: )

#Life is easier to leave ——and complicated to live—–And the whole existence of the life lies in between leaving and living it.

       Who knows it better than me——-there are times in life——the darkest hours—-the bitter truths—you never wanted to face—–you never want to remember—-and now you never want to look back!

But trust me!

  For any dark-ness there is light

         As dusk leads to the dawn!

                   World is a lovely planet

                                                Move on!

                                  Search for your light

                                              your ray of hope!

                                              Universe ends no-where

                                                               so do your journies

                                                                      so do your dreams!

                                                                                            Dream big

                                                                                                          fly high!

                                                                                                                  Cheers : )


47 thoughts on “Taste of Living : )

  1. life tasted me? life is lived in moments…. The moment you read comment and emotion created. happy, sad,angry, ……….think about all kind of emotions. then you move to next emotions and on and on…. Boredom also create an emotion. …. So you are a philosophy student right?

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  2. In the universe, there are as many lives as those who have lives. And you have on the thread that goes through all the lives. Yes, life tastes us, then all who have lives taste it. In the end, do we see light or lights?

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  3. indeeed u r ryt!

    it applies to al lives!
    and process is both

    life tastes us

    and we have to taste life.

    Again depends! on life!

    if its world-ly it cud be lights!
    spiritually it is the light!

    thanks mate.
    keep smilin

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  4. Everyday is worse than the prior. But I am trying despite all types of bad news.


  5. Lovely & inspirative post indeed life makes me write on it many a times.
    Life is hussle
    Life is puzzle
    Life is riddle
    It makes me crib
    It unreveal moments
    Moments of joy,pleasure,
    I tasted the life its mix
    Of bitter & better treasure
    that i cant measure
    Life is all about bieng..happy!
    Have a great day ahead.Keep smiling 🙂


  6. ‘…whole existence of the life lies in between leaving and living it’ ….touche’

    Jyotee, this is yet another commendable post…I admire how u express and impress…….keep going friend 🙂 Have a great week ahead

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