A cup of Love

                                    h                              w                          b
                                e                       a                           e
                                        a                     r                           s
                                 t                    m                        t
                       Open your heart—wider! Pour some love.                                     
                    Pour– some care. Mix some– sweet  feelings.                                  
               Add- creamy— emotions.– Some —warm-er hugs.                         too
         Few pieces of smile,–soaked in- obsession-and -dissolve!              Is              hot
     Ignite- the souls-and embrace feel the each bit-of th- desires . It                  and
          Let it be warm and boil  -for moments—days–months                 sweet
             Years—and life-long–even after the life-eternity!                                   
                          the slices of time —-makes it bitter—                                       
                               serve it daily——A cup of love!


49 thoughts on “A cup of Love

  1. A cup of love and a dose of your poetry would make me smile! I love your ideas and the way you put them to words 😊 great poem, Jyotee! 💙 – Michelle

    Liked by 1 person

  2. something like in dylan thomas pomes … you are experiment scattered words or dot ideogrammes … oh nevermind … un caro saluto da rinaldo ~


  3. Haha..my favourite subject to pen down anything love and bieng a hotelier i love every recipe cooked with love.Wonderful recipe you’ve added every element of emotions in it just a cup is missing 😛🙏.Have a nice day!!


  4. Damn good…..it sounds like the world’s best recipe ever …..hope we all can make that ‘cup of love’ for our life. Nice- strong poem Jyotee….keep them coming ….stay blessed 🙂


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