Her Drawer

    Her Drawer

             where she hid

                            her planet

                                  Her sun

                                                      Her moon

                                                          Her galaxy!

                      Her Drawer

                          To hide,

her smiles!

                                   her rivers

and rivulets

                                             her dreams,

her desires

                                                           Her  Existence!

                                                                                And her-self!

                                    Her Drawer

                                            she locked,

                                                       her loved ones

                                                  captured the glimpses

                                                             Of the memories

                                                                     of her day


                                                          Of  Her life!

                            Her Drawer

                                  Her only asset

                                        her history

She lived

                                             with a mystery,

                                                           Her only treasure!

                                                               She earned and owned

                                                                      From her life & living!


How could she let any-one IN???






58 thoughts on “Her Drawer

  1. Thank you so muchhh dear one!


    “She had stories in her eyes but she hid them behind her lids ; which I called here the drawer instead”

    Thanks for noticing.

    Have a nice day

    : )

    So… I thought

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  2. So beautiful, as always… And you ask, “How could she let any-one IN???” Ah! But it sounds as if you have already taken everyone into your drawer already! πŸ™‚ But if not quite everyone, your drawer is certainly very full of love, memories, people, mysteries, moon and stars and so much more… I almost feel as if I live in that drawer! All the best to you, dear Jyotee! Blessings!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Smiling!


    U r already IN ; sweet very sweet Jonathan :p

    I have some kind of magical bond with u : )

    Its so good to read u again. I loved really loved that last published poem n oxygen!

    : )

    Stay happy Jon
    Take care

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  4. Thank you so much Roland

    Human life is mysterious!
    And more is human nature!

    Being human is a mystery!
    This is strange how man spends his entire life and finally leaves!

    Apart from that human mind controls all the human actions
    And this leads too lots of confusions and confessions!

    I m making it complicated.

    Take care
    Good day!

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  5. Hey Jyoti!! Always a pleasure finding your words on my page,I am doing good and hoping same for you the smiling poetess πŸ™‚


  6. WOW man! This is absolutely phenomenal…m bowled over. Its one of that kind of a poem which strikes on the first go and then grows over n over as many times as u read it…..Jyotee you just nailed every bit in here…….LOVED it πŸ˜€
    Keep going friend….wish u a very happy n joyful day πŸ˜€

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  7. Thank you so much dear Saaransh : )

    I appreciate your kindness!

    You have always been so supportive.
    I feel so glad n honoured about this.

    Thank you soooooo much.

    Keep smiling
    Keep sketching
    Keep writing

    : )

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  8. Brilliant. I identified with this so much. Letting someone in is challenging and nerve-wracking sometimes.


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