The clouds



If I lived in the lump of a cloud

With cheers & joys, shouted out loud

Wonder where would be my home

In Mustang  Aasam Ghana or Rome

Strokes of air carried me far

Or me be constant as the Northern star

The glitters of sky melted me down

Or I fell on the Earth so brown

I visited the white Himalayas & hills

Life was full of adventures and thrills

I stared in the bulky woods

Or flew to Brazilian jungles I could

When started the dark monsoon

I talked with stars and the moon

Would I visit the milky way

Or to the divine land to pray!

And again it would be a grand day

The Sun waked me up with its ray

The journey continued till eternity

Until I found some light in this infinity!

Photo credit– Kaushal Adhikari – the finest photographer from Nepal

Visit his blog

Written for the beautiful attempt of my friend Martian. Be a part of his good work here-And admire the beauty of nature!



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