Here we are

I and me

Sitting alone at the edges, till ages

Just the air is there, to accompany

Unless we imagine, you to be.

And when we don’t

We are in complete isolation.

We often are woke-n up

By the eyes running over us.

And we get scared

And close our eyes and mind in haste

To re-start our systems with a blink

And there you are, beside us

We smile at you

And you smile back.

This is how human life runs

With few realism’s, Ruling our bodies

And few illusions,

Ruling our souls !!!

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Dear friends, Thank you so much for your all the comments and e-mails & all the direct/in-direct supports, when I was being away from the blogo-sphere.

Thank-you so much !

38 thoughts on “White-spaces

  1. Beautiful! I hope you are doing well, I know you might be really surprised to see a notification with my name on it. Seems like ages 😀 Was passing by my Blog after months and thought I look over my notification bar, saw your name and quickly rushed here to take a look at your blog.
    The beaute in your writing is just getting better and better dear, I am currently here https://www.facebook.com/HumanityLivesOn/
    I found success at facebook and I am working towards getting it bigger, do pass by if you can. I would be absolutely delighted! Hoe you are doing well Jyotee and this brings a smile on your face as I carry one writing this and putting the fullstop at the end of this comment even though I don’t want to. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much Akshay.

    Glad you liked.

    And some people have habit of living in imaginary worlds and totally be an aliean to the real world.

    Human nature is most complicated thing to deal with.

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  3. Aha !


    Such a meaningful comment ! :- )

    Everyone’s life is paining
    And everyone’s lookin for meaning
    Yes, ALONE is the beginning
    Yet everyone is believing
    The fake eyes and false visions.

    Unless someone wakes you up and drags you to so called realism, which is painful.


  4. Ohh myy!
    Wow! A surprise :- p

    I m fine. How are you Cezane?
    What happened??

    Its more than ages I guess :- p

    Glad to hear about your success at fb. Congratulations!

    I know whatever you initiate is a grand success always :- )

    I will visit you this evening Cezane.

    I have a lot to tell you and hear from you too :- )

    See ya!


  5. Indeed!!
    Even we find some people superfluous in the “Online world” But their “Real world” be so different😂😂
    (I could think of so many names)
    But yeah, thats a different story though!
    Keep it up girl!
    Keep posting!❤✌

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  6. Haha

    But virtual world is a different thing.
    Its not about real world vs virtual world. but about imaginary world of thoughts imaginations and dreams.

    Do you ever sit and ponder for a while and enjoy? About anything that doesn’t exist in your life. Or murmur about how you feel to your inner self. This is the another world. Or dream something !

    And on virtual world, totally depends on people using it and is driven by the nature. could be either similar or opposite. Is totally their perceptions and usages. :- )

    Thank you !

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  7. Yes.. Yess, absolutely!
    “Body and soul connections”
    “Dream world and Real world”
    👆That is what i understood and meant when i commented “Beautifully phrased” earlier.❤
    The “Virtual world” thing was just a random thought which popped up in my mind later.😁😂

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