Who am I ?

If all faces in the world were same.

And there were no name.

What distinguished me from thee ?

Who would me be ?

A tree, that grows tall.

Or, some beautiful waterfall.

What is my hole ?

What if, there were no soul.

But only the cells.

Would I be a lump of flesh ?

But, what if there were no body.

And I were a soul.

Who am I now ?

Who am I ?

What is my purpose?


25 thoughts on “Who am I ?

  1. Beautiful piece about the questions we all once will have. All I know, believe, is we are all Beautiful Souls, unique and we all do matter for that uniqueness.


  2. “That everything changes is the basic truth for each existence…Because each existence is in constant change, there is no abiding self. In fact, the self-nature of each existence is nothing but change itself, the self-nature of all existence. There is no special, separate self-nature for each existence. This is also called the teaching of Nirvana.”
    –Shunryu Suzuki


  3. So very, very erudite and powerfully, beautifully expressed! It has been some time since I have been on the Internet, and I am so very glad to read your talented work again, Jyotee!


  4. Ha ha real nice thoughts different hue beautiful capture found my rapture. Isolated girl a lie, you more talented and surrounded by fans. I am one in isolation. Gr8 work.


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