I was lost and the ways were lost.

The time was eaten, and bitten by the frost.

Ask a wonder-er , what does it cost ?

To live in the woods and to live with the rust !

Engulfed by the black-holes, devoured by the lights.

Fastest is the psyche, or faster are the kites.

Always I wondered while I wandered,

Days were bitter or bitter were the nights.

Follow the rays, find the salvation, people say.

With the darkest heart ,kneel down and pray.

Is this the ultimate aim of human life?

Be a wonder-er , and dream,scream & lay !

8 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. Hey! Smiling poetess…how are you??Got to see you after years, missed your poetries here.
    Keep smiling!
    Keep writing!😇

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  2. I am doing great but you really gone isolated. I am too writing here on & off but it is always good to see old blogging buddies back here & especially you are the one who supported & indpired in initial days when I started this blog.
    I visited Kathmandu last year, had a great experience there.

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