She-who never cried

The sky fell upon her heart

The earth stood on her head

The only black-lights she saw

She- who never cried !

Her feet-s ached as she walked

Her ways turned cold and fogged

Her heart was a block of ice

She- who never cried !

The sun she dream-t of far away

A lost girl , didn’t find her way

she roamed inside the in-finite dreams

She-who never cried !

She counted her loved ones, so far

In sun , In moon and in the star

She was as lonely as the dark-nights

Just Cried-seeing you hurt !!!



THRU An Appalachian Trail Love Story



Few months before

While I was following



The Mount Everest

From the base-camp

To keep my-selves


about their






I met him there

A man who was

A traveler

A thinker

A Philosopher

A lover of nature

Who has seen

The shadows of life

In nature’s lap

carrying a map

And earned

fame and glory !

He was the Author

Richard Judy !

I am writing this post just for you Richard, to say thank-you for sending me the beautiful gift. I had been out of valley for few months though I got the message of its arrival over phone by my brother. I cannot tell you.. about my excitements then !


I was over-whelmed with joy when I received this book–which was a novel-and more like a fiction– based on the true story of the Thru-hikers. The author Richard was among the hikers in this trail from Springer Mountain to Mt. Katahdin by his name Peregrine. Let me tell you, not just Richard but his whole family is a group of hikers !

Its a story about a journey and more precisely about adventures through the Appalachain Trails which you will feel like following Peregrine at his each ups and downs…heal and feel….pain and rain…you will actually feel those moments which we only dream of being in the place like AT . Each chapter gives you the excitement and a new beginning to the hope. And Each chapter is a brand new adventure.

This book is particularly for nature lovers and adventurers! This takes you to a different world.  You actually will travel with Peregrine throughout each pages and chapters.

This novel was published by the Appalachain Trails Museum and the profit earned also goes to the AT Museum and hikers.

Find more about the Novel here

Buy it on Amazon here

Follow the THRU hikers here



might be

looking for me

with a rage

like this chilly wind

melting my bones down

in this snow

you might be

hating sometimes

and loving me

the other times

you knew

I was a traveler

and could not stay


here I am

Keeping you safe

in my drawer

Hiding you

from the entire planet

Hope you love this place

Don’t you ?

where i embrace

your misses and memories

Each day

just like that sun and its rays

which must shine and make the day bright

And fall to make the night

I promise you

This process never ends!

I am writing this for you

just for a clue

That the  Earth was brown

and the sky was blue

Once upon a time

In the woods!


The clouds



If I lived in the lump of a cloud

With cheers & joys, shouted out loud

Wonder where would be my home

In Mustang  Aasam Ghana or Rome

Strokes of air carried me far

Or me be constant as the Northern star

The glitters of sky melted me down

Or I fell on the Earth so brown

I visited the white Himalayas & hills

Life was full of adventures and thrills

I stared in the bulky woods

Or flew to Brazilian jungles I could

When started the dark monsoon

I talked with stars and the moon

Would I visit the milky way

Or to the divine land to pray!

And again it would be a grand day

The Sun waked me up with its ray

The journey continued till eternity

Until I found some light in this infinity!

Photo credit– Kaushal Adhikari – the finest photographer from Nepal

Visit his blog

Written for the beautiful attempt of my friend Martian. Be a part of his good work here-And admire the beauty of nature!



Her Story!

She stood


 she conquered


entire planet.

 Her eyes


 like tiny dew drops.

She had a big smile

 on her lips.



 the deep blue sky,

And reflecting her dreams

upon the brownish Earth.


went nearer

and closer

to explore my curiosity.

Where might be

she wandering.

And what might be

she wondering



made me shake her.

What she did was




This made me realize

how mysterious

the human nature can be!!!

—->>>>how many of us have time to stop by and stare at the people passing by!—->>>> Life is more like a race these days!

And it’s dark!

My dark  soul, darkens my  heart, darkens

                                                              my  mind,


                                                               to a black

dark room where I feed the darkness, to all.

*I  know, darkness is pain , that never ends!*

waiting,read never and red its ,bits in me Cut

be to


!read and

!feels read-ding & red-ding how me tell Don’t

*! !  traces in beats still that ,heart a have I For*

I consumed me, in hunger, I ruined me with my


                                                                        for breed

                                                                       and bread!

i know, how losses are like! , and what grieving is!

*For I’ve been searching me, for ages! in despair!*

or silence-s having violence-s in ,me see don’t I


of full 


!sight no with,like is blind being what feel do I For

 * PEACE the for rise to ,me for waiting is I Since*

And this ** makes me a HUMAN who still breaths for

                                                                            The Humanity

                                                                              Lives for

                                                                            The Planet

With a dream to share a common & peaceful home

*Because I lost me and became homeless, in crowds!*



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Her Drawer

    Her Drawer

             where she hid

                            her planet

                                  Her sun

                                                      Her moon

                                                          Her galaxy!

                      Her Drawer

                          To hide,

her smiles!

                                   her rivers

and rivulets

                                             her dreams,

her desires

                                                           Her  Existence!

                                                                                And her-self!

                                    Her Drawer

                                            she locked,

                                                       her loved ones

                                                  captured the glimpses

                                                             Of the memories

                                                                     of her day


                                                          Of  Her life!

                            Her Drawer

                                  Her only asset

                                        her history

She lived

                                             with a mystery,

                                                           Her only treasure!

                                                               She earned and owned

                                                                      From her life & living!


How could she let any-one IN???






The Strange-r


Cinquain (2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 2)

Strange him,

Pretends being gone

Hypnotizing by red cherries

Reigning mine life‘s territories

Changing ME!

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HE’s Garden

SHE was like a


Bird of Paradise

Calla Lily


Water lily







Passion Flower!

How could HE, not love SHE?





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