I am amazed

What you saw on that star?

Which traversed

closer & far

White glimpses of it’s light?

Or its rays shown so bright?

I am no moon

no glitter

And I know it does matter

For the Sun like thee

To shine over me

I stare in seclusion

Just to catch your vision

But I fail and fall

And deny you being right

Because your eyes I see are more bright

I know

love has no reasons

But love are no seasons


fly and flee

To glow and glee

Don’t be amazed

If someone gazed

Who are us to guide along

Love guides us, where we belong !


Be-Aware! of the clouds, In 2017

You said

We had our own sky

Only the clouds

Mis-lead us

By floating, And creating



Into our minds

Does that mean

We need to clear our visions?

Or, we need to clear the clouds?

I know,

The sky is there

And will be gone no-where,

Until we are gone !


What is the ultimate reason

For the reason?

To clear the sky?

Or, To clear the vision?


What is the sky?

What are the clouds?

Which ones are mine?

And, which ones are thy-ne?


#Personal Thoughts-1

We have our own sky,no matter where we lie, in the sky or in the clouds so high. The clouds float, cover our sky , hide our visions, for no good reasons and change like seasons. Why clouds are there?, everywhere, so that we care, and its no rare, to include the clouds, in our prayer?

These clouds distract us, our thoughts, our ultimate goals, and the good reasons, for which we are here on this Earth. So, What are our goals? To abolish the clouds, the wandering clouds and to clear our sky, clear our visions, for the good reasons and be a constant season? So that, our sky shines clearer, brighter and everyone admires its beauty.

The New Year 2017 starts. We have our own goals, dreams, thoughts and better visions  and resolutions for the year.Lets not let clouds mislead us,dis-tract us and create illusions into our minds. Lets make our sky beautiful,which shines like the diamond, inside this space.



#Be aware of the clouds !!!

Clouds concept-Roman


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The Sketch

Dense, dark woods of your hair

Lonesome-ness on face, yet fair

Your glittery eyes, crystal clear

Miles far away, still so near

Your lost visions,and deep looks

Mysterious smile like poetry of books

Glimpses of you, weaved my world

But you were an sketch!,somebody told

Now its time to shape you wholly

Breeze of your love, touches slowly

Desire of you throughout lingers

Innocent ,magical, ones are fingers

You are excited to be completed

To complete you,I am excited

Few more weeks to go my love

And we create our own globe !

#For the love of Arts!!!

Originally written for Pax Et Dolor

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Jonathan Noble and Isolated_girl


A Dreamer

You traversed with the air

Like the time

Like the ways

Went smooth and curves

Moved me and my nerves

Through the bushy herbs !

You would not believe

But I believed

There was a miracle

A super-natural force

That could

play and pause

The moments of you and me !

Staring into your eyes

Stopped my breathing

Thinking of your smile

Stopped my beats

And missing you

stopped me !

And the entire universe around me !

You might read and smile


This is Dreamy !

But never mind

I am a Dreamer !

I Dream-t of You !!!

She-who never cried

The sky fell upon her heart

The earth stood on her head

The only black-lights she saw

She- who never cried !

Her feet-s ached as she walked

Her ways turned cold and fogged

Her heart was a block of ice

She- who never cried !

The sun she dream-t of far away

A lost girl , didn’t find her way

she roamed inside the in-finite dreams

She-who never cried !

She counted her loved ones, so far

In sun , In moon and in the star

She was as lonely as the dark-nights

Just Cried-seeing you hurt !!!



THRU An Appalachian Trail Love Story



Few months before

While I was following



The Mount Everest

From the base-camp

To keep my-selves


about their






I met him there

A man who was

A traveler

A thinker

A Philosopher

A lover of nature

Who has seen

The shadows of life

In nature’s lap

carrying a map

And earned

fame and glory !

He was the Author

Richard Judy !

I am writing this post just for you Richard, to say thank-you for sending me the beautiful gift. I had been out of valley for few months though I got the message of its arrival over phone by my brother. I cannot tell you.. about my excitements then !


I was over-whelmed with joy when I received this book–which was a novel-and more like a fiction– based on the true story of the Thru-hikers. The author Richard was among the hikers in this trail from Springer Mountain to Mt. Katahdin by his name Peregrine. Let me tell you, not just Richard but his whole family is a group of hikers !

Its a story about a journey and more precisely about adventures through the Appalachain Trails which you will feel like following Peregrine at his each ups and downs…heal and feel….pain and rain…you will actually feel those moments which we only dream of being in the place like AT . Each chapter gives you the excitement and a new beginning to the hope. And Each chapter is a brand new adventure.

This book is particularly for nature lovers and adventurers! This takes you to a different world.  You actually will travel with Peregrine throughout each pages and chapters.

This novel was published by the Appalachain Trails Museum and the profit earned also goes to the AT Museum and hikers.

Find more about the Novel here

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Follow the THRU hikers here