My dearest friends,

Jonathan and me have initiated an online magazine ( ezine ) with the name ” Pax Et Dolor ” meaning ” Peace and Pain.”

We would like you to be a part of our good work, an help us unite all the creative minds and souls all over the blogosphere.

We dream of a thread that connects the creativity and wanderers throughout this space.
We have different categories like Prose’ and Poetry, Travel and tourism, Photography and creative writings, and One new category Jonathan added called Cuisine.

Our dearest mates,

We would like to hear your views, ideas, plans,aids,contributions and any knowledge.
We seek for any of your  better and bitter words. Let us know what you feel and how can you contribute us!
Further more, we also are trying to motivate and give platforms to creativity and artistry.And create a paradise of imaginations and arts.

Please drop your views in the comment section or visit the magazines site or mail us. You can also mail Jonathan or me , if you  personally want to share your thoughts with us !  Because without you , we are nothing !
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who have always been positive , supportive and enthusiastic towards my work and blog. Thank you so much.
And also I want to thank you Roman for encouraging me to come up with creative ideas. Without your support, I wouldnot be so excited.
And thank you pawan for your various tips and ideas and for exploring with me.

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We thank you so much!

@Pax Et Dolor Magazine

Jonathan Noble and Isolated_girl