An Isolated girl

Lost in her own world

Trying to explore herself

In the curls of the life

With a desire to make her way

And find some grand and gay!


I m the girl,

having lots of interests in life

and life seems to have no interest in me!


No complaints! No Expectations!

I am Jyotee

Born in plains

grown up in hills

And living at himalayas!

I belong to the land of Mt.Everest and Lord Buddha!

Any guess??? : )


I have two sites in wordpress.

For the lovers of English Literature, you can find me at :-


And for the admirers of Nepali Literature,I am available at:-


Also, I have initiated an online magazine with Jonathan.

Visit the ezine here


For contributions mail us :-



Also find me at


Thank-you so much for visiting this page and for constant support,love and wishes.

With love



84 thoughts on “About

  1. no one is happy bein “isolated”

    there mus b some bars
    some walls
    some pains!

    I don’t think! this can b a choice!

    but as life passes ;day by day!
    it seems like both;
    it becomes a habit

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  2. Hiya Jyotee > You write from the heart and I love the way you write. I must however disagree with you here as you say ‘life seems to have no interest in me!’ I think that your followers are all part of life and we are all interested in you. Ha! >>> I am glad to have found you here in cyberspace πŸ™‚ All great thoughts and good vibes your way mate! <<<

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  3. Hiya Andy! (The Neighbour)

    Thank-you so much for saying that.

    You are just toooooo kind : )
    And I m ur fan already!

    life’s too complicated thing to deal with
    And time seems flowing so forcefully!
    Understanding the right rhythm betn these two factors!
    Is like moving mountains.

    I love being here n happy to found a companion like you in WP


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  4. Time is a fast flowing white-water that grabs us and sweeps us away. It goes so fast. Personally I cant understand why it goes so fast. When I was a kid, time was like lying in a deep bath and putting your head under the water!

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  5. Wow Nepal!! Love your stuff!! love where you come from!!! What do do you think about Little Buddha?? Wrote stuff on him. I believe he is real and if he’s not well his motives are noble.

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  6. indeed!

    Its takes years!
    And that’s a sign of being honest and faithful.
    Time is the pain and heal-er both.

    Otherwise; people today are like seasons
    and the reflections.

    To their lives!
    to their livings
    and feelings&nature!

    World is also a strange place to live in.

    b fine dear one

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  7. Thank you so much friend, Tobe.

    Thanks for appreciating my work and admiring the beauty of the planet.
    Truly; Earth is a beautiful planet. No?

    Aha! I will find that article of urs soon! I just read ur few reviews and articles of ur site.

    they are amazing!

    Buddhism is very interesting topic
    and the core relies on spiritualism and meditation.
    it is about trying to find urself.

    Lord Buddha said
    Expectations are the reasons of pain.
    And life becomes easier wen we admit that there are for sure; pains in life n we learn to enjoy them.

    Nowdays people talk about many buddhas
    laughing buddha- taken as a sign of good-luck
    little-buddha—sign of good deeds.
    and many.

    we cannot deny any of these because we never know!
    Since Universe is large n strange.

    There could be many things really existing beyond our imaginations!

    : )




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  8. Namaste! Thank you for your kind and uplifting words of encouragement! I realise I have neglected to give you the link about that article about Little Buddha. Here it is: https://tobedamit.com/2015/06/11/little-buddha-dharma-sangha-ram-bahadur-bomjon/ I realise it is a controversed subject but when it comes to religion I do not really care so much about the bearer of the message as I do of the message itself. What particularly stroke me was what the fact that what he mostly had to say after his 7 years of meditation was about all forms of life on Earth (universe?). He heard them suffer. He then was much criticised because he got really mad about some ceremonies involving the sacrifice of animals. I think it only shows how much he cares. I bet we would to if we could hear them too. I know that my blog might seem a little depressing and talks about lots of negative things. That’s just me. I see beauty but I also am sensitive to suffering and various ways to express it. I am glad to see you found my blog interesting. I try to make every post count. I do not publish that many stuff but I do make sure they are meaningful to me, hopefully to others too. I’m glad I met you. I always felt isolated too, as if I was looking to the world through a glass, as a spectator rather then as a participant but my blog gave me the assurance that I could be a participant too by relating what I see to other people in various ways. My blog is a very important part of my life. It makes me whole, gives my life meaning. Indifference kills!! My favorite post is this one: https://tobedamit.com/2014/12/02/the-dark-angels-of-altamont/ . I don’t know why. It just is. I just felt that for one of the very first time I was able to express something that very few people had been able to put down in words before me. Do you have any posts that you like more than others and you would like me to read??? If so plz sent me the links!! I have found it’s a very reliable way to get to know someone on the blogosphere!! Namaste Isolated Girl!! I would love to get to know you more!! Have a wonderful day today! BTW the most popular posts listed on the left side are all amongst my favorite too! But you don’t have to read all of them lol.. I’m just saying…. I really hope today is the best day of your life. Nothing less. Who knows!! You never know! That’s the best part!! Namaste!!

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  9. I know the talent of urs came from the isolation in u…and certainly it commands wisdom πŸ™‚

    I sincerely hope all ur exploration of urself shall buy u the desires u have πŸ™‚
    Happy blogging πŸ™‚

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  10. Wonderful!
    I simply admire the way you come up with such compositions! πŸ˜€
    I salute thee! 😎
    Keep it up! πŸ˜‰

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  11. Nepal is a beautiful country. I have visited Kathmandu twice with my wife, Huckleberry B, and have been trekking once in the Khumbu region. Give me Nepal over India any time!
    Like your country, your page and your writing is beautiful.

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  12. Thank you so much friend for the kind words!

    Yeah! Khumbu region is beautiful. I saw n read it in ur post as well.
    you have visited so many wonderful places! wow!

    May b someday you cud compile them and publish (cheers!)

    Hows the place u live in?
    Wud love to hear!

    glad to know that u visited ktm. : )

    Thank you so much for ur sweet words!

    You have an amazing blog.

    Wishes n love to u n ur wife Huckleberry



  13. Hahaha!!
    I can say the same to you, Jyotee!:D:D
    Your poems are such a pleasure to read!!😍😍😍


  14. Thank you so much Mr.Artist : )

    Ur presence brings happiness n sunshine to me.
    Stay connected by words always!

    Thanks for the constant support.

    Greetings n wishes from me
    keep smilin
    : )

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  15. Thanks Jyotee. Huckleberry B and I live in Sydney. We are quite proud of our home town, but are not blind to the beauty `waiting around the bend’ in other regions of the world.

    Thanks for reading my journal. I really appreciate your feedback.

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  16. Thanks for checking out The Free Speech Fight — I look forward to reading your stuff — cheers!
    — the pensive cartographer

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  17. Hello dear Tobe Damit!

    Namaste : )

    Yeah! I already read about Bomjon; little Buddha.
    And left my response as well.

    This is strange, how deeply u explore for ur each post and I appreciate it a lot!

    Truly saying, I am also strictly against the violence and sacrifices in the name of religion.

    You will be surprised to know that still in many temples , innocent animals are sacrificed in order to please the lord!

    I write from my heart and this is why each post is special for me in my own way!

    Thankyou so much for asking : )

    I am so happy to come across ur blog and know you in the Blogosphere!

    Will be connected by words always!


    Have a wonderful day
    Keep smiling!

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  18. first you are not isolated if you see from your deep heart…..somewhere everymoment thinks about you……secondly life wants to give you lots ,but ARE YOU READY?….ask me life can only give when we are ready and we can be only ready when we accept with love all we have….an act of gratitude is all Nature wants from heart…..I have been in your place few years ago and after that many times broken but I accept what comes because to move on is life…..not trying to be hard because I take things easy myself so I share how to be easy……when you say,think,believe you are isolated things look that way……when ytou say life is all about pain then you are indeed asking for it…..thoughts create our destiny and thus we get what we think…..we are the Creator of our own life,time for you to change your script…be blessed…
    last but not least do you see how lucky you are to be with near himalaya,,,,luck and blessings are showered go and open your eyes and accept the snow.


  19. Nice place to live actually, some friends of mine are working there too and they tell me it’s an amazing country. May your day be great, I’m following you now, let’s see where pain lead us!


  20. It’s funny how we are both isolated and widely heard at the same time, while being physically isolated we are also reaching far more people than lot of people if our posts reach a certain level of popularity. Like a writer, typing from his little place, like a recluse cut from the outside world while writing fevereshly but when the work is done and published, it reaches more people than you possibly could in a lifetime…Of course I had this thought before the social medias took over the world, giving every human being this possibility. I know I haven’t worded it out perfectly but I’m sure you get it… So yes we are physically isolated from one another (I’m from Montreal, Quebec, Canada) but by writing down our thoughts and deepest inner thoughts, we get closer to each other than many poeple we havew known, some since we were kids. I know for sure my family doesn’t read what I post so in a way I feel closer to you, Isolated Girl, than the mebers of my family. I do love the fact that you named your blog like that because it always reminds me of the fatc that, precisely, I am not alone and I thank you for that. God bless you in his many mysterious ways!! NAMASTE Isolated Girl!

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  21. BTW I also think there is ahuge difference between being isolated and being withdrawn. I think withdrawing yourself from the world and taking some time for yourself and have a peaceful, meditative reflective time out from the world is a very healthy thing while isolating yourself volontaraly from your friends and family because you are suffering like a wounded animal CAN BE unhealthy which btw don’t think is the case for you my blogging mate! Live long and prosper Isolated Girl!!!


  22. I have a question for you!! What is up with Little Buddha!! I’d love to have an update on how he is doing and what he is preaching. I love the fact that he defends vigoorously every form of life, claiming that during his 7 years of meditation he felt he was in contact with every sentient forms of life and he heard their suffering. We are as humans definitely causing so much harm. I’m just hoping Little Buddha canhelp heal the world. I would be so happy to hear what you think of Little Buddha in one of your post!!! I’m so far that I can only rely on mainstream medias to know what he is doing but I so do not trust mainstream medias, I would be really happy to hear it from someone who is closer to him than I am. Tibet is in my mind the most spiritual place in the world. I’m so sorry Nepal had togo through so much pain in its history. If one place deserved to be protected in the world it’s Nepal.


  23. I found you through an old post that Ward Clever did, where he shares other poets’ work. I am so glad he did. I didn’t realise you were a part of paxetdolor, Stephen Fuller and I have become friends through blogging as well. I look forward to reading more!


  24. I am a human.

    I cannot say, how wud my life be, if i were clouds!

    i can just imagine and feel.
    who knows! , i might be wrong!

    i can imagine me, standing being a tree.
    may be my life wud be tiresome.
    we never kno!

    or be birds!
    may be i wud be enjoying the sky and rivers.

    or be fearful, of getting shot.

    i dont kno!

    but somethin is weird abt life.
    actually yes! each being’s life.

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