Blogger Tag


Thank you so much Mahima ( mahimasingh97 ) for nominating me for a Blogger Tag.

I really am feeling so happy knowing you and coming across your beautiful posts.

Thank you so much for your love and encouragement : ))

Rules for this tag are:

Tag the blogger that nominated you

Answer the questions you were given.

Nominate others bloggers whose blog is about beauty/lifestyle/fashion.

Ask 10 questions to your nominees to answer.

Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them.


*Question and Answer time*

Which part of your beauty regimen you never miss?

-> That is my smile (I keep smiling, no matter wat, no matter wen) There is always a SMILE on my face.

The most akward moment for you.

-> There are many. ( I am a girl with many secrets :p)

How long you have been blogging?

-> Around 1 and half months.

Your favorite outfit.

-> Β I m a normal girl and any normal and comfortable one would do.

Person you love the most.

-> My Brother (most) I love him millions n millions!.

And my Dad, I love him uncountable s. and my mom , I love her uncountable to the power uncountable.

What is your favorite song?

-> Many. I love music so much. All types including Neplai, Hindi n English.

Pahilo juni ma by 1974 AD

Ma ta marxu kyare by Jagadish Samaal

breathless by shayne ward

thinking out loud by ed sheeran

sau dard hai by Sonu Nigam

Baatein ye kavi na by Arjit n mny


Who is your idol?

-> My Dad

Have you ever had a secret admirer?

-> Yah, I had during my school, n now during my college too. (smile)

If you and a friend both wanted the same thing would you let the friend get it first?

-> Of-course YES! Not just friend. To anyone!

If you could have any celebrity hair whose would it be?

->haha….no idea.


And my 10 nominees are (sorry again! Rule is rule ;p , I’d have nominated all ) (smile)


And my 10 questions to my 10 nominees are

1.Who are you and where do u belong to?

2.Who is your idol and why?

3.Which is your favorite book and why?

4.What is beauty? And what makes you beautiful?

5.Are you single, in a relationship or married?

7.What is the best thing about you? And the worst one!

8.What do you write and why?

9.Is your life difficult or is it easy?

10.Who or what is God?


With love







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