Good Morning!, Morning!

                                                                                      Before it rises!!!

                                                                                 And rise the Sun

                                             From the glittery eyes

                                                                                So I rise

                                                                             Before my rise!!

                                                                         Or the Sun rises

                                       Before the Sun-rises

                                                     Unless I rise

                                                                          A new RISE

                                                                      A new season

                                                                  A new reason

                                                               A new beginning

                                                           A new hope

    That the day gives a “new’’ to me

    The morning promises me

                                                     To give him a new day

                                                I promise morning

                                          And smile!

                                    We stare at each-other

                              As I scatter inside the hope

                        And a hope scatters inside

                 Wakes up with me

          And the morning

Every day I wake up






72 thoughts on “Good Morning!, Morning!

  1. Thanks for the hint – bottom up! I like the poem, whichever way I read it, but really from the ground lifting towards the sky is best. I think it would work much better in a book where you can see the whole poem and understand at a glance that it is meant to be climbed. Great idea, great poem.

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  2. Thank you so much Trent : )

    Thank you for saying those beautiful words! and catching the ryt direction of the poem.

    Since it was about rise; it must start from bottom to top! I guess!

    have a good day friend

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  3. Sorry, I’m logged in under my food writing blog name. You’re following my blog. Apologies for any confusion!

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