Even the water in the pond

Is not still

It vibrates constantly

By the waves blowing on the surface.

Even the sky so far

gets thunder-ed !

And falls as rain…..

On the Earth.

How can one be empty and alone ??

Always remember !

There is a “lone” in “alone.”

#–“Lone is “being alone”. But “alone” is not lonely, there is a “lone”, which accompanies.–#


22 thoughts on “A-lone

  1. Totally love this poem. I mean I really like it. Everything is moving. I read that the planet Earth is moving around the sun pretty fast and the solar system is moving though the galaxy pretty fast and that the galaxy is moving through the universe pretty fast. At the moment we are in a safe zone but that will be changing at some point. Phew! I never feel alone myself > just that lone you mentioned. Brilliant poem. Have you written a book? If not you should. X and hugs from China

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  2. Hiya Andy !

    How are you?
    Hope you are doing good with your video blogging. :- )
    I missed a lot of them on YouTube.

    Phew! Everything’s moving :- p
    And I am moved by your words.

    Book ? A book on poetry?

    Well, ke Sera Sera :- p

    Thanks for suggestion.
    Currently, I am working on none.
    But ………. Let’s see ! :- )

    Love from Nepal :- )
    Happy weekend !

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