And it’s dark!

My dark  soul, darkens my  heart, darkens

                                                              my  mind,


                                                               to a black

dark room where I feed the darkness, to all.

*I  know, darkness is pain , that never ends!*

waiting,read never and red its ,bits in me Cut

be to


!read and

!feels read-ding & red-ding how me tell Don’t

*! !  traces in beats still that ,heart a have I For*

I consumed me, in hunger, I ruined me with my


                                                                        for breed

                                                                       and bread!

i know, how losses are like! , and what grieving is!

*For I’ve been searching me, for ages! in despair!*

or silence-s having violence-s in ,me see don’t I


of full 


!sight no with,like is blind being what feel do I For

 * PEACE the for rise to ,me for waiting is I Since*

And this ** makes me a HUMAN who still breaths for

                                                                            The Humanity

                                                                              Lives for

                                                                            The Planet

With a dream to share a common & peaceful home

*Because I lost me and became homeless, in crowds!*



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76 thoughts on “And it’s dark!

  1. Close you eyes and think
    what do you want
    and try to be that
    for a while
    and so it will seer
    your heart
    with it
    and so form
    scar tissue
    for your
    Be good.
    Bless and Namaste, Sweetheart!

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  2. so wonderful poem sathi.. so true .. there has been no peace these days .so many turbulence inside ad outside world ..but we are still humans , and if we all live with kindness and love world would be better place

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  3. Oh Jyotee, this pierces my heart and brings tears to my eyes… This is so deep, passionate, melancholic and real. Oh my! Jyotee, peace to you and blessings… I’m now inspired to write … perhaps. From my side of the world to yours, I send peace and blessings!

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  4. Bonjour

    Mes vacances sont terminées

    Je viens faire un petit passage dans ton univers

    Mais avant je veux te dire que

    Tes petits messages sont comme la flamme d’un feu de bois

    Qui dans mon cœur , me mets de la joie

    Ton amitié est une étoile qui brille dans le ciel

    Elle est éternelle

    Passe une très bonne et belle journée

    Gros bisous Bernard.

    Je remercie tous ceux et toutes celles qui sont passées sur mon blog pendant le période de mes vacances

    J’espère que toi aussi tu as passé un bon mois d’aout et que tu es en pleine forme

    Bisous Bernard

    Passe une très belle journée

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  5. Hello Randeep!

    I have never done this before and I haven’t posted anything beyond poetry!

    But you may do! : ); if u are interested!

    Take care

    : )


  6. I have always loved the unutterable passion in poems, the desire of undesirable and vehemence in conveying of the dark. And Jyotee U had it all … wat a great poetess u are……keep Rocking ur readers 🙂
    Stay blessed 😀

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  7. Hello Mr.Artist : )

    They say there is no peace in the planet.
    There are losses and grieves and lots of things to lament for!
    But while writing this poem, i explored “why?”
    And wat i realised is…A human is a HUMAN, whether good or bad.
    He cannot remain untouched by the humanity.
    When there will be peace n satisfaction in each heart n soul. Only then the planet can restore peace n happiness!

    What I meant to say is–
    When each individual is disturbed n facing spiritual dis-satisfactions!, how can there be peace.

    And for this, exploration of self-spiritualism and self conscious-ness and this can be earned and owned only through meditation and any stuffs that help us to find ourselves.

    This is so complicated

    I am glad to have found you here.

    Take care

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  8. I agree….satisfaction is so rare among us….and meditation is the only way to it…one can use varied forms of meditation to achieve it, but sadly I dun see enough morality for self exploration.
    The pleasure is always mine Jyotee…to go through ur amazing work and moreover ur thought process ….Take care ..have a great Sunday 😀


  9. Hi!! Jyoti..i hope smiling poetess is doing good,this beyond beautiful &
    I am fond of your writing styles & subject selection,this shows concern towards our planet as the world is short of peace and its good to see you as ambassador of peace via words.

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  10. I am good & always had a smile everytime to see your words.Keep spreading smiles & have a great day ahead 🙂


  11. Thank you so much Shreya for thinking of my blog : )

    I ve many awards pending n I will try doin it someday!
    I reallyhave busy days this month

    and visiting u soon



  12. I think we have all been in a dark place in our lives. I can’t imagine your pain, it must be terrible! I grew up in a world 100% opposite. My mom is my hero. She would send us off to school with a cheer. “It is going to be a great day”.


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