A Catalyst

You showed me

How flowers bloomed without bitterness

The Sun rose without hatred

How thoughts could destroy human life

And expectations killed love

In my amusements to clouds and sky

You pointed out meanings of life

In my happiness with rain and rivers

You taught me to dive and come back

Because slowly I realized

I never came back and was lost

Inside rivers

Inside imaginations

Inside thoughts

Inside clouds

This is why my life had been so messy

I lived in some different world

I still do

But get electrified when I miss you

Your visions work like a catalyst

And rule my entire system !


20 thoughts on “A Catalyst

  1. Eh. Yeah. I eliminated social medua from my phone some months ago. WordPress has been added back, but the habit has been mostly broken. The list of things to do is perpetual… Feel ever so slightly guilty blogging but not making much time to read & disburse likes, BUT we must all take the steps that are best for us on each particular day; it is not possible to keep up with everything & everyone on every day. A perpetual and limitless slate of ToDos apparently is a continuous feature of growth & success – but must also build in time to tune out & play. The balancing is a lifetime practice and working. Have you considered downloading my ebook (free for the present)?

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  2. I see.
    Same here.

    Stuck somewhere n nowhere!
    Yeah! Balancing life is like a never ending process n yet unattainable.

    But its so good to see u back.

    Gimme the link!

    Oh yay!
    Congratulations on gettin published.

    I m visiting ur site rather.

    Take care


  3. This redirects to it: bit.ly/synapticebookfree ::: it is in fact self published. But this is also a great achievement. It was about the 8th manuscript i cut together, released under a different name on 1.1.2016, and extensively polished, edited reworked starting in fall, and learning all the tricks of getting the file formatted for BookBaby (clickable Table of Contents is key, which i dont think my earlier KDP version had; v v easy, once you know, just make titles H3s, section names H2s & dont bother writing a ToC; the software generates it). Whenever youre able, merely a star rating & 1 line review on any shop that sells it (are several, incl Kindle, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, more) or goodreads or wherever would be IMMENSELY helpful. Ive gotten no traction, so far, but my card on it last month was Geeeoooo the Slooooow (faeries oracle) eg ‘why are you in a hurry? The problem is part of a long process which cannot well be rushed’

    Also, long link:

    And i think i get 100% rather than a royalty (70% at Amazon, the devourer of businesses) whenever ppl buy direct @
    Also, shortlink to that: bit.ly/synapticpoems

    Also going to do some samples/flyers for friends and strangers to read, maybe print up & share (bulletin boards one way); i will let you know when i get them up. Thanks for listening!


  4. Hey! Jyoti..how are you doing, i hope everything is fine at your end.
    Everytime i read something from your pen seems to be the best among i read, beautiful on words and lovely potray of emotions with the ingradients of nature.
    Keep smiling & stay blessed😇


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